Micro Channel Laser Diode Stack

Product Overview

Micro channel cooler (MCC) diode laser stack is widely used in hair removal application. Oriental laser provide high reliability MCC diode laser vertically stack from 100W-2500W bars. Optical output power is from 60W cw up to 100W cw per bar. Typical wavelengths are 755nm, 808nm, 1060nm (others upon request). Besides regular stack, Oriental-Laser can also customize various stack upon our client's requirements.

Product Model Number:VSCW-MI-N-60-HRVSCW-MI-N-100-HRUint
Operation ModeCW/QCWCW/QCW/
Optical Output Power Per Bar60100W
Wavelength808,   755,1060808,   755,1060W
Number of barsN=1-20N=1-20/
Bar-to-Bar spacing1.81.8mm
fill facter5050%
Center Wavelength at 25°c808808nm
Typical Operation current6595A
Maximum Operating current70100A
Typical Threshold current12 15 A
Maximum Operating Voltage<1.8*N<1.8*NV
Fast Axis Divergence (Full Power)5050°
Operation Condition

Flow rate0.3L/min+-10%   per bar

Water QualityDeionized   2-10 µs/cm, mixed bed ion exchanger,particle filter<25µm/
cooling systemDo   not use any material that combination with copper would form galvantic   elements/

Action Principl

There is micro water channel in a thin cooper heat sink whose thickness is only 1.5mm. Diode laser chips can be cooled by water immediately. Micro channel water cooled technology highly increase the optical output power and power density of laser diode stack. 


The Core Technology

  1. Oriental-laser focus on diode laser mounting 16years. 

  2. We use diode laser bar and micro channel cooler from Germany.

  3. Unique gold coating technology let laser stack have high reliability and stability.

  4. Customized optical output power and wavelength. From 755nm-1060nm optional.

  5. Customized mechanical part size. 

  6. Refurbishment and repair service for all kinds of diode laser stack of other brand.